Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th and a German Shepard...

I tell you...when I was in High school, I could not get enough of scary gory movies! Friday the 13th, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The scarier the better. My BFF high school friend, Ann and I would go and just scream. Come to think of it, she ran out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. THAT was crazy. People's popcorn was flying. You have never seen a horror film until you have seen one in Southern Arkansas. People TALK to the screen..."What chu doin' goin' in there? Don't do it! Don't do it! OOOOO he's got a big ol' chainsaw that's gonna mess you UP!" Things like that. It's totally worth it too. Usually more entertaining than the movie. Maybe that's why I don't go anymore. I saw The Exorcist in college and decided that was my last horror movie. (*shivers*) You think I would have been "cured off" the scary movies when I was in elementary after seeing "The Legend of Boggy Creek". Pre-story: I had been happily riding my purple bike with the groovey white banana seat and matching white basket with flowers on it. In the basket was my new kitten Raquel. Well *sniff* an enormous German Shepard came running up, snatched my kitten out of the basket and killed it right in front of me! Family friend, Mrs. Linda Cover heard me screaming and came running. She called my mom and told her the gruesome details. My dad said he knocked that dog in the head with a shovel. I was satified with this retribution. take my mind off the tragedy, my friend, Eddie invited me to the movies...The Legend of Boggy Creek. Well, as luck would have it, the monster snuck up on a little kitten and scared it stiff! STIFF!!! I screamed and Eddie's mom, Ms. Lilly had to take me to the car. Lord. If that's not one for the couch...
So Happy Friday the 13th, campers :) Surely Jason isn't out for a game of hockey tonight....with his German Shepard....*whimper*


dani said...

lol, where's your picture of you and eddie, d??? i never heard the german shepherd story... would've scarred me, too!!!

Dana said...

OMG, that picture is soooo cute and I can't find it!!
l, D

Amanda said...

I love a good scary movie!!!
I do exactly the same thing at home while watching one of those movies ~ shout, scream and shadow box LOL!!!
Didn't like the Exorcist either ~ couldn't sleep for a few nights after that one.
Hope you have had an uneventful Friday the 13th.
Have you seen the remake yet??

Amanda x
(how awful about the kitten)

Shannon said...

OMG..this story is so funny...but sad at the same time. Sorry about our kitty...I think you told us this before and your fear of German Shepherds. Damn Dog!

I'm too scared to watch scary movies...something I wish I could get over but the anticipation of it makes me queezey.