Friday, June 27, 2008

A Wedding in the family!!

This is my nephew, McKennon and his new bride, Anna!
We traveled to Durham, North Carolina for their wedding June 21, 2008. It was beautiful.
They were married in Duke Chapel on the campus of Duke University. Why it is called a chapel?? was cathedral impressive.
The homily was the most beautiful and practical that I have ever heard at a wedding ceremony. McKennon will be working at Duke Chapel on the pastoral staff as he just graduated from Duke's Divinity School. He has a quite passion for God and a wife who loves the Lord and loves him. What more could you want for a solid marriage foundation?

Will took this photo of Curt and me in the Chapel. Of course, since I had the camera, I neglected to have someone take the Christmas Card photo of our family!! I couldn't believe it. No photos of our family together! However, my parents, brother and sister and I did manage to have someone take our photo with my camera.

It has been a busy wedding year for my sister and brother-in law. My niece was married only 8 months ago!
What will we do for a party now??!


dani said...

head to the beach with a bottle of wine!!! ha!!! the "chapel" and gardens ARE beautiful. i finally got through some of the pictures last night:)

Dana said...

That's right...they are in Greece for the honeymoon! Wow...can't wait to see the photos!! l,D

Amanda said...

Congratulations to the married couple! May they have many happy years ahead of them. What a beautiful bride:)
Your photos of the church are lovely. Looks like the sun came out for the wedding!
Take Care,
Amanda xx

Tanya said...

Gorgeous photos of the "chapel" & the gardens! congratulations to the newly weds, what a beautiful couple & Greece for their honeymoon... the perfect start to married life!! Dana you & hubby look sensational all dressed up!! Hope you are well!! nice to see a post & thanks for stopping by to say hi!!

Have a great weekend,

Tanya xx

Tabitha said...

Lovely photos ~ looks like a gorgeous wedding.
Sounds like your family have been busy with all these weddings, what a fun time!!
love and hugs Tabitha XXX

E and T said...

Hi Dana

Looks like you've been up to lots of celebrating with your family birthdays and weddings. That "chapel" is spectacular and the gardens are stunning. What a beautiful place to be married.

Why is that when all of your family is dressed up you often forget to get a photo all together. I guess it's a sign that you're having such a good time. The photos of you and Curt are beautiful.

Thank you Dana for all of your comments and well wishes to us for Mini Boy Blue. It's Sunday afternoon here and still no sign of him. It looks like we may very well make it through this weekend without him. Surely by next weekend he will be with us. I'm officially due tomorrow!!